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West London NHS Trust

Title Training Time
Alcohol and Tobacco Brief Interventions
Accessible Information Standard (AIS) 30 Minutes
Broadmoor New Hospital Virtual Familiarisation
Care Certificate (CCT) 1-2 Hours
Complaints Handling (CPL) 1-2 Hours
Countering Fraud 1-2 Hours
Dementia Awareness in Mental Health 1-2 Hours
Driver Awareness
Dual Diagnosis 1-2 Hours
Dysphagia: Nutrition and Hydration 1-2 Hours
Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) 1-2 Hours
Flu Immunisation (FLU)
Food Hygiene 1-2 Hours
Food Safety and Hygiene Level 2 2 hours 30 minutes
Food Safety: Level 3 (Catering) 12-16 Hours
Food Safety: Level 3 (Retail) 12-16 Hours
Freedom to Speak Up (FSU)
Get to Know Thames Lodge MSU 1-2 Hours
IOSH Safety for Executives and Directors 8 Hours
IOSH Working Safely 8 Hours
IOSH Managing Safely 22 Hours
Imperial Medical eLearn - Interpersonal Dynamics
Learning Disabilities Awareness 1-2 Hours
Literacy 1-2 Hours
Medicine Management e-Assessment for Community and CAMHS Nurses 1-2 Hours
Medicine Management e-Assessment for Inpatient Nurses 1-2 Hours
Mental Health Awareness (MHP) 1-2 Hours
NHS Healthcare for the Armed Forces (VTH)
Numeracy 1-2 Hours
Physical Health Check Training 1-2 Hours
Preventing Pressure Ulcers (PUL) 1-2 Hours
RiO - General Overview of Changes - Upgrade to Version 7 1-2 Hours
Safe Prescribing Practice and Guidance 1-2 Hours
Safe Use of Insulin (To be completed and used in conjunction with Trust guideance) 1-2 Hours
Sexual Orientation Monitoring Information Standard (SOM)
Smoking Cessation in Mental Healthcare 1-2 Hours
Supervision of Less Than Full Time Trainees (LTFT) 1-2 Hours
Trauma Informed Care
Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) 1-2 Hours
Working at Height