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Browser Compatibility Check

The compatibility check will consist of several pages that check whether your browser and computer are able to run courses and record the results. Please complete all the sections of the check. The check will test:

Your browser has cookies enabled
Cookies are required to maintain your login and, for some courses, to save your place in the course.
Your browser has JavaScript enabled
JavaScript is used by all courses to track your learning and open and close windows
Your browser supports Macromedia Flash
Although not required by all courses, Macromedia Flash is widely used for producing dynamic and engaging courses and is safe and simple to install on most computers
Pop-up blocking is disabled for all web addresses
Your learning is provided from several different web addresses within the domain. These web sites use pop-up windows to display courses and store your learning history. will never use pop-ups to display the advertising or marketing that pop-up blockers are intended to remove. Therefore it is safe to allow pop-ups from and this will ensure the best learning experience for you.

No personal information will be collected during this check. Some specialised courses may require Java, Macromedia Shockwave or other plugins or downloads in order to work. This will often be indicated on the course page or you can contact your learning administrator.

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